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Elite Foot Bots are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. They are robots that are created by The Foot Clan that are used to serve Shredder and The Foot. These are an upgraded version of the Foot Bots, which are actually based on the look of Chrome Dome, another robot of The Foot Clan that would serve them as an upgraded Foot Bot. Elite Foot Bots debuts in Broken Foot.


Around the time period in which Karai had already declared war on The Foot Clan, the evil ninja clan started to work faster. So at some point they had a Foot Bot Factory in New York City that was used to produce their Foot Bots. But as Karai and Shinigami started to cause attacks on The Foot's properties to weaken them, The Foot decided to produce an army of upgraded Foot Bots who were based on Chrome Dome with a few additions. They became known as Elite Foot Bots.

TV Show

Season 4

Broken Foot

The Super Shredder

Darkest Plight

The Power Inside Her





Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry





  • They are based on the look and the design of Chrome Dome, only with a few differences that set them aside.
    • Unlike Chrome Dome, the Elite Foot Bots are an army of robots instead of being a single robot.
    • While Chrome Dome has pink eyes, the Elite Foot Bots have white eyes.
    • The Elite Foot Bot wear these brim hats on top of their heads, which is something Chrome Dome doesn't have.
    • The Elite Foot Bot have jaws, which Chrome Dome doesn't have since he is more closely based on the armor that Chris Bradford would wear.
  • Each one of these robots carried around a Kraang Laser Sword as their signature weapon.
  • The Elite Foot Bots are classic characters of the TMNT universe, only that these are robots instead of humans.

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