Super Ninja Outfit (Raphael)

Dark Raphael Profile

Name Super Ninja Outfit (Raphael)
Type Armor
Origins New York City
Created By Raphael
Owner Raphael
User(s) Raphael
Weapon(s) SaisGarden Fork GauntletNails GauntletShurikens
First Appearance Owari
Last Appearance Owari

Super Ninja Outfit (Raphael) is a disguise worn by Raphael. As an armor built by Raphael himself that involves black, he used it during the final showdown of the Ninja Turtles with Super Shredder and The Foot Clan. Super Ninja Outfit (Raphael) debuts in Owari.


After Splinter was killed and Super Shredder was supposedly defeated, Leonardo sees the spirit of his deceased Sensei. Splinter, who names Leo as the new leader and sensei of The Hamato Clan, also warned him that The Shredder was still alive. So after the Ninja Turtles visited Karai at the hospital to retrieve the location to Shredder's Mansion, the Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones start to prepare themselves for the final showdown with The Foot Clan. During the prep time, Raphael was able to create a new type of armor for the fight. Consisting of a black bandanna with red tips, black knee pads, black wraps, a black belt, and other black armor pieces, Raphael was able to build the "Super Ninja Outfit".



  • Black Bandanna With Red Tips:
  • War Paint:
  • Shoulder Pads:
  • Sleeves:
  • Arm Guards:
  • Black Elbow Pads:
  • Garden Fork Gauntlet:
  • Nails Gauntlet:
  • Black Wraps:
  • Black Belt:
  • Ropes:
  • Black Knee Pads:
  • Leg Guards:

Weapon Arsenal


Season 4

  • Owari (Debut/ Last Appearance)