Super Ninja Outfit (Leonardo)

Dark Leonardo Profile

Name Super Ninja Outfit (Leonardo)
Type Armor
Origins New York City
Created By Leonardo
Owner Leonardo
User(s) Leonardo
Weapon(s) Katana SwordsBows & ArrowsShurikens
First Appearance Broken Foot
Last Appearance Owari

Super Ninja Outfit (Leonardo) is a disguise worn by Leonardo. As an armor built by Leonardo himself that involves black, he used it during the rebellion against The Foot Clan with Karai and Shinigami and the final showdown of the Ninja Turtles with Super Shredder and The Foot Clan. Super Ninja Outfit (Leonardo) debuts in Broken Foot.


Some time during the rebellion against The Foot Clan that was being led by Karai, Shinigami, and their Foot Clan, Leonardo started to help them out as well. During the time that Leonardo would sneak out from the Turtle's Lair without the other Turtles, Splinter, and his friends knowing, he would wear a new type of armor that he built himself. Using a black bandanna with blue tips, black knee pads, black wraps, a black belt, and other black armor pieces, Leonardo was able to build the "Super Ninja Outfit".



  • Black Bandanna With Blue Tips:
  • War Paint:
  • Shoulder Pads:
  • Net Gloves:
  • Arm Guards:
  • Black Elbow Pads:
  • Black Wraps:
  • Black Belt:
  • Katana Sword Sheathes:
  • Handbags:
  • Black Knee Pads:
  • Bicycle Chain:
  • Leg Guards:

Weapon Arsenal


Season 4