Claw Shredder

Claw Shredder is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. As one of the Shredder Mutants, he is a mutant clone created by Baxter Fly with the DNA of Shredder and a lobster. He serves The Foot Clan alongside with Mini Shredder and Shiva Shredder, as well as serving Baxter Fly as his guards for Baxter Fly's Lab. Claw Shredder debuts in Return to New York.


While the Ninja Turtles were absent from New York City because of the Kraang Invasion, The Foot Clan expanded their army. With his new laboratory, the evil Baxter Fly was able to use a few dna samples and the Mutagen to created three new mutants. By using the dna sample of the Shredder and using three different dna samples of three crustaceans, he created the three mutants. The crustacean dna used for this mutation was shrimp dna, lobster dna, and crab dna. This was the birth of the Shredder Mutants. One of these, which is the mutant lobster/ human hybrid, was named Claw Shredder.

TV Show

Season 3

Return to New York

Meet Mondo Gecko

Attack Of The Mega Shredder!



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry





Claw Shredder 3
The Gallery of Claw Shredder can be see Here.


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