Chrome Dome

TMNT 2012 Chrome Dome


Chrome Dome, aka Dark Ninja Robot, is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. He is a robot with a ninja outfit that was created by The Kraang for The Foot Clan as an upgraded Foot Bot. He was used by The Foot Clan in order to track down April O'Neil, just so that Karai could test him out. Chrome Dome debuts in Target: April O'Neil.


Ever since the alliance of The Kraang and The Foot Clan, the aliens have been gifting The Foot Clan with new weapons to make them stronger. One of the few things that they gave them were the Foot Bots, an upgrade to substitute the Foot Soldiers. But then since they were weak, Shredder wasn't happy and left to Tokyo, Japan to find a recruit for The Foot Clan. Meanwhile, Karai had ordered The Kraang to created an upgraded Foot Bot, known as Chrome Dome. Following the defeat of this initial Chrome Dome, others would be built and used as guards and warriors by the Shredder.

TV Show

Season 2

Target: April O'Neil

Vengeance is Mine



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry





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