Casey Jones

Casey Jones 01
Casey Jones wearing his civilian outfit.

Casey Jones 02
Casey Jones wearing his hockey uniform.

Casey Jones 03
Casey Jones wearing his first vigilante outfit.

Casey Jones 04
Casey Jones wearing his second vigilante outfit.

Casey Jones 05
Casey Jones wearing his astronomical suit.

Real Name Casey Jones
Alias Casey • Jone • Hockey Boy • Cave Mouth • Puckhead
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupations Vigilante of The Hamato Clan
Team Ninja TurtlesThe Hamato Clan
Allies April O' NeilNinja TurtlesSplinterKirby O' NeilThe Foot Clan (Karai)Mighty MutanimalsUtrom High CouncilJack J. KurtzmanIce Cream KittyChompy PicassoFugitoidSalamandrian Air FleetPunk FrogsBigfootDr. Cluckingsworth M.D.BernieWingnutScrewlooseAeonsHiidralaDaagonsTokkaAlopexRenet Tilley1987 TurtlesEarth Protection ForceBebopRocksteadyTiger ClawFishfaceFrankenstein's MonsterVulko
Enemies The Foot ClanPurple DragonsKraang Hive MindTriceraton EmpireThe Rat KingThe NewtralizerHo ChanChimeraZa-NaronDemon BatsThe CreepMega ShredderWyrmOvermindVX3 WarbotsInsectoidsArmaggonSpeed DemonMutagen ManGeneral GriffenHattori TatsuItalian MafiaKavaxasSavanti Romero's Monster Army1987 Foot Clan
Weapons Hockey SticksBaseball BatElectric GloveHockey PucksExplosive PucksPhoton PucksSpray Paint Grenades
Home New York City
Height 5, 8"
Age 16
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
First Appearance Mutagen Man Unleashed
Last Appearance The Foot Walks Again!
Voiced By Josh Peck

—Casey Jones' catchphrase, Mutagen Man Unleashed

Casey Jones, aka Casey, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a human teenager from New York City who is a hockey player and student from Roosevelt High School. During the time that he met April O'Neil, he has had many encounters with mutants and the criminal underworld of New York. This inspired him to become a vigilante and later on meeting the Ninja Turtles and Splinter, who were April's "secret friends". After allying himself with this mutant team and becoming a part of their missions, he has struggled to prove himself as a good fighter, due to his ignorance, anger issues, and cockiness. He wields Hockey Sticks, Baseball Bats, Hockey Pucks, Explosive Pucks, Photon Pucks, and an Electric Glove as his signature weapons of choice. He is in love with April O'Neil. He also has a rivalry with Raphael, Donatello, Jason/ Mondo Gecko and Hun. Casey Jones debuts in Mutagen Man Unleashed.


Born in 1995 in New York City, he was given birth by an unknown female. His father was a former NHL player. He was named by the family, Casey Jones.




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  • He is voiced by Josh Peck, who was already in Nickelodeon as Josh from the live-action TV Show, Drake & Josh.
  • Him and Donatello both form a love triangle on April O'Neil.
  • The battle cry, Goongala, is common in all the incarnations of Casey Jones.
  • In The Good, the Bad, and Casey Jones, he met the Ninja Turtles for the first time and also became a part of their team.
  • Casey has a closer friend relationship with Raphael.
    • Also he is the first of the Ninja Turtles that he met, which is common for the other incarnations of Raphael and Casey Jones.
  • Casey Jones has a fear for rats.
  • In Of Rats and Men, he met The Rat King and sort of overcame his fear.
  • He thought that the Turtles were Italian, but then Splinter explained that they were named after his favorite Italian Renaissance sculptors and artists.
  • Him and Raphael first met when Casey was fighting versus the Purple Dragons in an alley in New York City.
  • Casey Jones is a comic book reader.
  • In Casey Jones VS. The Underworld, he got face-to-face with Shredder for the first time, thinking that he could take him down.
  • He has a rivalry on Hun.
  • He has a bigger gap on his tooth than Donnie, as he lost his two front teeth.
  • In Mutagen Man Unleashed, he fought Mutagen Man, who was the first mutant that he had ever fought.
  • In various episodes when he isn't part of the mission with the Ninja Turtles, he gets angry.
  • In The Deadly Venom, he got kissed by Serpent Karai so that she could poison Casey with her venom and also fought her for the first time.
  • In Wormquake! Part One, he met and fought The Kraang for the first time.
  • In Annihilation: Earth! Part Two, he got imprisoned by the Triceratons, but was later rescued by April O'Neil.
  • In The Weird World Of Wyrm, he found the Hypercube and was also the one who freed Wyrm out of it.
  • It is stated in his bio on the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles website, that Casey is left-handed, and he is shown in the episode "The good the bad and Casey Jones", to be writing in his journal with pencil in his left hand, confirming that this is true.

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