TMNT 2012 The Rat King
Caligula is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. He is one of the Giant Rats. He is named by The Rat King and he is used a lot by The Rat King. Caligula is used by The Rat King like a type of transportion, like a car or plane. He is very big and giant. He is used by The Rat King, along with Aristotle. Caligula's first appearance was in Of Rats and Men. Caligula is voiceless.


When The Rat King was in his lair, he wanted some mutants. But mutant rats. So he used his Mutagen and then he mutated some of his rats. Then the Mutagen mutated them into giant rats. But one of them was named by The Rat King, Caligula.

TV Show

Season 2


Coming Soon


  • He is one of the Giant Rats.
  • He is used along with Aristotle.
  • First Giant Rat to be named by The Rat King.

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