Bio-Electrical Eyeball

Bio-Electrical Eyeball


Bio-Electrical Eyeball is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. It is a gigantic sun-size eyeball from Dimension X that shoots electricity at its enemies. Even though it isn't like most of the creatures from Dimension X, this creature only stays in one place. Bio-Electrical Eyeball debuts in Into Dimension X.


TV Show

Season 2

Into Dimension X!



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry





  • It is one of the most giant creatures from Dimension X.
  • In Into Dimension X!, it was seen shooting electricity at some object flying pass it in Dimension X.
  • It also produces electricity, just like Justin and Living Atoms.
  • Bio-Electrical Eyeball is the first character that is an eyeball.
  • It is unknown if Savage Mikey knows any weaknesses of the Bio-Electrical Eyeball.

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