Name Balisword
Other Names Sword
Type Of Weapon Balisong
Origins Unknown
Abilities Sword with two hilts that hide a blade
Wielder(s) Fishface
First Appearance Wormquake! Part Two
Last Appearance The Forgotten Swordsman

Balisword is a weapon that is wielded by Xever Montes/ Fishface. This is a metallic sword that is a large balisong, which has two hilts that cover the blade of the sword (similar to the butterfly knives), which is one of the signature weapons of choice of Xever Montes/ Fishface. Balisword debuts in Wormquake! Part Two.



When The Foot Clan is fighting off the Ninja Turtles and Splinter, Fishface confronts Raphael with this new weapon of his.

During the hunt for the Kuro Kabuto of The Shredder, Fishface is seen wielding the balisword when he finds the Turtles.

After Fishface looses his own race to Michelangelo, Casey Jones, and Mondo Gecko, he pulls out his balisword to attack his enemies. But he fails to do so and is crushed instead by his own traps.

When The Foot confront the Turtles and Leatherhead in Coney Island, Fishface confronts Donatello in the merry-go-round with his weapon.

As Rahzar and Fishface are searching for Super Shredder's helmet at their old lair, Fishface pulls out the balisword when Raphael and Michelangelo show up.


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  • In order to open up the balisword, two hands are needed to open the two hilts. But when Fishface wields the sword, he is always seen opening the sword with a single hand.