Attack Of The Mega Shredder!
Attack Of The Mega Shredder Ending Scene
Season 3, Episode 21
Vital Statistics
Air Date August 16th, 2015
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Tale Of The Yokai The Creeping Doom

Attack Of The Mega Shredder! is the twenty first episode of Season 3 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series). This episode was directed by TBA and written by TBA. This episode was aired in August 16th, 2015.


Leonardo decides to go to Shredder's lair alone, but discovers the biggest and most dangerous mutant.



Splinter's Wisdom

Character Debuts


  • This marks the debut of Mega Shredder, who appeared in the 2003 TV Series in the episode, Same As It Never Was and the TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare video game. Only that they were not mutants, but Ch'rell in an upgraded robotic suit.
  • Leonardo appears in his Mystic Leonardo costume again.
  • Bebop and Rocksteady caused the mutation of the Mega Shredder, as they added the Shredder Mutants and sardines into the Mutagen Sphere in Baxter Fly's Lab.
  • This episode featured references to Godzilla, Attack on Titan, and Pacific Rim.
  • The Turtle Mech was rebuilt and used against Mega Shredder.

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