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Armaggon is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. As a bounty hunter and space assassin alien cybernetic shark, he is an alien criminal who is wanted in over 87 star systems. He works for Lord Vringath Dregg to hunt for the Ninja Turtles and also to get the three pieces of the Heart of Darkness for his master. Armaggon debuts in The Outlaw Armaggon!.


TV Show

Season 4

The Outlaw Armaggon!

In an unknown icy planet, Armaggon arrives to meet with his old friend, Lord Vringath Dregg. Dregg tells Armaggon that he has a task for him, which consists of hunting down the Ninja Turtles down and killing them himself, as well as their human allies. Armaggon agrees to this task, and goes flying into space. He appears in his shark suit and starts to attack the Ulixes, which leads to Leonardo going outside in his space suit, and confront the alien himself. Later on, Leonardo enters the Ulixes and the ship hides inside an abandoned Warbots Factory. Armaggon stops, and is proud of how his prey were inside his trap. When entering the factory, he commands Overmind to release the VX3 Warbots on the Turtles, April O'Neil, Casey Jones, and Fugitoid to finish them. Meanwhile, he is contacted by Lord Dregg and changes the deal. He asks Armaggon to bring the Turtles alive, in order to finish them himself. Then he is attacked by one of the Warbots, and Overmind reveals to him that he wants all organics destroyed. He defeats the Warbot and then he frees the teenagers from their robotic transformation. He reveals to them that he wants to keep them alive for Dregg to finish them. Fighting alongside with the teenagers, Armaggon helps the Turtles from the Warbots. When Overmind was defeated by Fugitoid, Armaggon decides to go on with his plan on capturing the Turtles. This leads to Leonardo and him fighting in the ship, while the others escaped. In the battle, Armaggon crashes towards Overmind and an explosion is caused. In the ruins of the ship, Armaggon is revealed to be alive and is thirsty for revenge.

The Cosmic Ocean

When the Ulixes had already entered the atomosphere of The Cosmic Ocean Of Varuna, Armaggon came flying in his shark armor for revenge on the Ulixes crew. Afterwards, Armaggon enters the atmosphere of The Cosmic Ocean Of Varuna. When the crew was heading to see Cthugga, he appears to attack the vessel and then he captures Leonardo. From there he uses Leo against them to help him get the second piece of the Heart of Darkness, which they agree to do. As they got to Cthugga, the creature chases the Ulixes til the beast looses them. Since Fugitoid called the Daagon Guards over, they hold Armaggon as a prisoner. Back at the Daagon Kingdom, Armaggon is held captive til he reveals to Hiidrala that his reinforcement has came. Once the fight started, Lord Vringath Dregg unleashes one of his Spider Hands and frees Armaggon. He then hops into combat against Raphael and Michelangelo. But when Hiidrala screeched and Cthugga came, he ate both Lord Dregg and Armaggon which saved the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, Fugitoid, Casey Jones and Daagons. When the Hornetron laid eggs into Cthugga's mouth, the Vreen hatched with came out from the beast's mouth alongside with Dregg and Armaggon. From there, they fly out to have their revenge on the Turtles.

The Evil of Dregg


He is a huge and muscular male alien with the appearance of a Great White Shark. He has gray skin with white skin at the bottom part of his body. His head his round with a few scars seen on his face, with an X-shaped scar being the most noticeable near his nose. He has his nostrils near his mouth and has two small black eyes with no pupils. He also has sharp, white jaws. He has gills in each side around the neck area. He has a dorsal fin in his back and a shark tail. He also has two, muscular arms with four fingers and sharp claws in each hand. As well as two legs with three toes. Around his body, he also has a gray shark armor, that covers his torso, neck, shoulders, hands, and arms. He also wears removable goggles with glowing, blue lens. The hood of the armor is a shark mouth with mechanical jaws around it. He has two hoses that are connected into each of his gills.

His armor has a shark mode that he can activate, which covers all of his body. The body of the shark mode is very similar to the design of a Great White Shark as well. It has two almond-shaped glowing, blue eyes. There are also gains a few stuff on the mode, like two pectoral fins and two more fins in the tail. He also has a few tattoos on the armor, like in the dorsal fin and tail fin.


Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry





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The Gallery of Armaggon can be see Here.


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