Astro-Suit (April O'Neil)

Dimension X April O'Neil Full Profile

Name Astro-Suit (April O'Neil)
Type Astronomical Suit
Origins D'Hoonib
Created By Fugitoid
Owner April O'Neil
User(s) April O'Neil
Weapon(s) TessenLaser BlasterAeon CrystalTelekinesisTelepathy
First Appearance Beyond The Known Universe
Last Appearance Earth's Last Stand

Astro-Suit (April O'Neil) is an astronomical suit worn by April O'Neil. As an suit built by Fugitoid, April O'Neil uses it in order to survive in outer space during the her space mission with Fugitoid of stopping the Triceratons from retrieving the Heart of Darkness pieces. Astro-Suit (April O'Neil) debuts in Beyond The Known Universe.




  • Space Helmet:
  • Yellow Jumpsuit:
  • Headband:
  • Utility Belt:
  • Shoulder Pads:
  • Leg Guard:
  • Boots:
  • Gauntlets:

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  • The design of the astronomical suit is supposed to be a reference to the 1987 April O'Neil, who wore a yellow jumpsuit, white belt, and white boots similar to the ones April O'Neil wears. Even the laser blaster that April wields is similar to the camera that her 1987 counterpart carried around, as she's a news reporter in the 1987 TMNT animated series.
  • After Earth's Last Stand, April O'Neil currently started to wear the jumpsuit from the astronomical suit as a part of her Kunoichi outfit once she was promoted to "Kunoichi of The Hamato Clan".