1987 Technodrome

1987 Technodrome In Dimension X
The 1987 Technodrome in 3-Dimensional Earth.

Origins Dimension X
First Appearance Trans-Dimensional Turtles
Last Appearance The Big Blowout

1987 Technodrome is a vehicle wielded by Krang and the 1987 Foot Clan. As the 1987 counterpart of the 3rd-dimension Technodrome, this terrestrial vehicle is used as the mobile home of Krang and 1987 Shredder. This warship has also been used for planetary invasions on both Earth and 2-Dimensional Earth, which are lead by Krang and 80's Shredder themselves to destroy the Ninja Turtles and the 1987 Turtles. 1987 Technodrome debuts in Trans-Dimensional Turtles.




Season 4

Season 5



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